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For Nonprofits

The Network is happy to provide a catalog of resources for nonprofits interested in learning more about sustained collaboration. The following resources describe the continuum of sustained collaborations and include assessments for nonprofits to use to determine readiness.

Tools and Templates

Self-Assessment Considerations


This tool can be used by a nonprofit in the early stages of considering a sustained collaboration to assess its own readiness and reasons for partnering.

Partnership Assessment for Health


This tool, from the Partnership for Healthy Outcomes, helps partner organizations work more effectively to maximize the impact of the partnership.

Questions for Potential Collaboration Partners


These questions are helpful for guiding discussions between a nonprofit and the potential partners being considered for entering a formal collaboration diligence phase.

Diligence Checklist


This checklist, from La Piana Consulting, is a helpful resource of helpful materials for review during a sustained collaboration due diligence process.

Sample Board Resolution – Exploration


This template can be adapted for use between the boards of nonprofits entering exploratory diligence for a sustained collaboration.

Sample Board Resolution – Implementation


This template can be adapted for use between the boards of nonprofits entering into the implementation phase of a formal sustained collaboration.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding


This template can be adapted for use between nonprofits entering the implementation phase of a sustained collaboration.

The Power of Possibility Resources


A good library of additional sustained collaboration resources from BoardSource.

Background Reading

Collaborative Map

Meeting Your Match

The Negotiations Process

Common Issues in the Negotiation Process

A Merger Case Study

Resource Sharing and Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Models

News & Events

Tara Peterson, CHANGE Philanthropy Summit 2021, “Strategic Restructuring to Advance Gender and Racial Equity”

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Webinar Description: Tara Peterson, CHANGE Philanthropy Summit 2021 “Strategic Restructuring to Advance Gender and Racial Equity”, March 15, 2022

The Sustained Collaboration Network Conference 2022

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Who/What: The Sustained Collaboration Network’s 2022 Conference will bring funders together from across the country to connect on the importance of sustained collaboration as a meaningful form of nonprofit capacity…

The Sustained Collaboration Network Training Institute

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What: The new Sustained Collaboration Network (SCN)—a network of 7+ local pooled funds supporting greater collaboration among nonprofits—is hosting a first-ever online institute for consultants engaged in this work. The…

Nora Hannah, Director of the Arizona Together for Impact Fund, facilitates “How to Find Your Perfect 10: Finding the Right Collaborator for your Organization.”

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Part 1 Part 2 Event Description: Kelly Fryer provides detail and content on the subject of collaborator identification and selection. Kelly has 25+ years of experience as a nonprofit executive,…

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