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Collaboration Consultant Community of Practice


The SCN Collaboration Consultant Community of Practice is a learning community of practitioners in the nonprofit sector who focus on supporting nonprofits in strategy and collaboration. This Community of Practice was created by peer consultants to meet the demand for learning, for leadership, for connection, for best practice development, and developing continued expertise into this burgeoning area of practice nationally.

Sustained collaboration is a critical, strategic, strengths-based tool for nonprofit leaders. The community of practice provides a valuable resource for identifying neutral, third-party facilitators. As such, this community is then also an opportunity source for consultants to collaborate and meet the needs of nonprofit clients.

Interested in becoming a member or visitor of this community, more information here.

Who should become a member?

The Community of Practice is for consultants who engage in facilitating nonprofit collaboration.

How to become a member?

Visit Collaboration Consultant Community of Practice (, to sign up and complete a member profile.