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The Sustained Collaboration Network Training Institute


The new Sustained Collaboration Network (SCN)—a network of 7+ local pooled funds supporting greater collaboration among nonprofits—is hosting a first-ever online institute for consultants engaged in this work. The SCN Institute will feature prominent speakers and trainers who have deep knowledge and direct experience with this work, whether as funders, nonprofits, lawyers, accountants, etc.


At a time of growing interest in the value of nonprofit sustained collaborations, identifying and growing the national pool of qualified consultants to responsibly guide them through this vital—yet sensitive—work is essential. The goals of the SCN Institute are to: build consultants’ capacity for this work; begin to create some standards of practice for this field; and create an environment for peer learning and networking opportunities.


The Institute targets consultants already engaged in this work in some capacity, who want to build their knowledge, networks, and skills in this area. A brief application is required and consultants must be selected to participate.


The SCN Institute will be comprised of a series of 6 learning sessions in January-February 2021. It will be held online and will be recorded for asynchronous learning, but live participation is highly encouraged as the sessions will be interactive.


Register for the six-session institute here: Upon completion, you will receive a “certification of participation” and will be placed in preferred status among the SCN initiatives across the country.

Nora Hannah, Director of the Arizona Together for Impact Fund, facilitates “How to Find Your Perfect 10: Finding the Right Collaborator for your Organization.”

Part 1

Part 2

Event Description:

Kelly Fryer provides detail and content on the subject of collaborator identification and selection. Kelly has 25+ years of experience as a nonprofit executive, small business owner and former minister. She founded Kelly Fryer & Associates, LLC to help mission-driven leaders and organizations do what’s next. Kelly teaches courses in innovation and social entrepreneurship in the UArizona Eller College of Management, is a Flinn-Brown fellow and former candidate for Arizona governor.

Carrie Harlow, Initiative Manager of the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, participated in the Center for Nonprofit Management’s “Strategic Restructuring” webinar on August 7, 2020.

Event Description:

Learn what the strategic restructuring process looks like, how to know if it may benefit your organization, and how to seek funding for it. Hear about some of the 240+ organizations who have engaged in Strategic Restructuring here in Los Angeles since the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative was launched in 2012, and begin to consider how you may identify a partner for your own Strategic Restructuring negotiation.

Nadya K. Shmavonian, Director of the Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund, was a panelist in BoardSource’s “Mergers and Dissolutions” webinar on April 28, 2020.

Event Description:

As we end April and begin another month of navigating through the COVID crisis, many nonprofit leaders have seen the need to take decisive — and often difficult — actions in response to how financial and programmatic realities have impacted their organizations. This session will discuss the issues that we are hearing from the sector as organizations contemplate strategic partnerships, restructuring, organizational mergers and dissolution.